Q.1 : What is the main aim of this Scheme?
To better Understand the scheme we give an example  as follows. Supposes  Mr. A is middle class Family member and Mr. A dies suddenly. Mr. B wants to help Mr. A’s family members but such financial help firstly will never be enough, secondly a giver  and taker   relationship arises and the person who takes the helpfeels otherwise.Both the events are addressed by the scheme.
Q.2 : How is this Scheme is different from L.I.C. or others Scheme?
Normally in L.I.C. health checkup is must and also legal documents are necessary Premium are also very high. Processing time is also very long when claim arises. In General Insurance they only cover accidental death not natural death. This scheme covers all deaths . No heavy constant premium but the contribution varies as per number of deaths
Q.3(A): Why only married woman can become member of this Scheme?  
When a khadayata lady is marries a Non-khadayata , at that time the aim of the scheme is not addressed and when the membership is canceled on these ground there can be many administrative problem.
Why only after five years, married woman can became member of this scheme? And why should they became member of this Scheme?
After five years woman gets settled in her married life in all ways. If both husband and wife can afford to become member they can enrich the scheme individually.
Q.4 : How the scheme will be administered at the higher Scale ?
The different vibhag presidents will be by default Members of the Administrative committee . For better administration there will be 7 joint secretaries working for the scheme at different locations. And there will be a representative of the scheme in each city and town who will help in overall management of the scheme.
Q.5 : How will the administration of the scheme will be done?
For this a Government recognized Trust is registered . And Trust will formulate different committees to administer and manage the scheme.
 Q.6 : What will be the Corpus Fund of the Scheme?
Ans Entry fee of the members and the interest will be the corpus fund of the scheme. The corpus will be main strength of the scheme.
 Q.7 : How will the  promotions of these scheme will be done ?
A team of well-acquainted members of the scheme will visit different locations, will give details and benefits of the scheme and will also distributes the forms.
Q.8 : How the scheme will be financially managed?
The scheme has been registered as a Public Trust and the funds will be managed according to the statutory laws. The advise of Fund management Sub-committee will be taken for all financial transactions. There will be an Annual Audit of accounts of the scheme.
Q.9 :
Can a person participating in other schemes become member of this scheme?
Keeping in mind his financial obligations to such schemes, he can become a member.
Q.10 :
Can the members of the scheme can have both the mediclaim insurance benefit provided by the insurance company and the health benefit provided by the scheme?
Yes they can. For this scheme health benefit can be taken by providing attested zerox of the original bills and the medical certificate of the doctor, so the member can take the original bills for mediclaim of the insurance companies.
Q.11 :
You have not kept medical checkup for members will not some one take undue advantage under the scheme?
The member who dies is a Khadayata friends and our aim is to help the family If the number of deaths increases in future we can have the benefit kept after the member has completed one year in the scheme.
Q.12 : Will this  Scheme accept donations ?
No, this scheme will not accept any donations, this is self finance scheme If somebody want to donate, he can financially help his relative and friend to become member of this scheme.

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